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Money Back


We give refunds for products purchased within 30 days starting from the date the product is shipped. You need to return the products before requesting a refund. For more details about returns, please check out the Return page on our website.

If the product is not working, you can check the guide or contact us before considering a return. The problem may be able to be fixed.

If you find a purchase made on your card or other payment method was not made by you or by anyone you know, please report the charges as soon as you notice them. You can report it by contacting your payment service provider, such as a bank or card issuer.

To request a refund, we require you to return the product first, along with the order ID clearly written on or in the package. We will only start processing the refund once the returned product is received or a tracking number is given.

How to Get Money Back?

If you meet the requirements for a refund, simply send us a request through our Contact Us page and we will process your request as soon as possible.



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