9V 1A Power Supply Adapter

9V 1A Power Supply Adapter, 100-240V AC to DC 9V 1000mA with 5.5 x 2.1mm Tip for Arduino Uno Zero Mega 2560 Due Leonardo, Schwinn Bike A10 A20 A40 220 430 and Most Breadboard Power Supply Modules…

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About this item

  • Wide Range Compatibility: This power supply is compatible with a range of devices that require 9V and 1000mA, such as Arduino UNO R3 MEGA 2560 Due Leonardo and Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Bikes A10 A15 A20 A25 A40 101 102 103 430 420 220 230 240, among others.
  • Versatile Input Range: With an input range of 100~240V, this power supply can be used in various countries with different voltage standards, making it suitable for international use.
  • Extended Cord Length: The power supply comes with an extended cord that is 150cm (4.9ft) long, providing flexibility and convenience in connecting your devices to a power source.
  • High-Quality Design: This power supply features reliable scheme that is specifically designed to handle high-intensity power supply environments, ensuring stable and efficient performance.
  • Advanced Protective Features: Equipped with an automatic protection mechanism, this power supply is designed to safeguard against overcurrent, overload, and short circuits. It automatically powers off to prevent accidents and protect your devices.
  • Silent Operation: While working, this power supply operates quietly with a sound level below 25 decibels, ensuring a peaceful environment, especially during sleep. You can enjoy a silent charging experience without worrying about the noise associated with older power supplies. Additionally, it is FCC and UL listed, meeting recognized safety standards.

Product description

KidsRobot 9V 1A power adapter is a device that converts standard household electricity into a 9V DC current with a maximum output of 1A (1000mA). It is often used to power small electronic devices such as microcontrollers, portable speakers, and other electronic gadgets. The power adapter typically comes with a cord that plugs into a wall outlet, and a removable plug that can be used to connect to the device being powered. The power adapters have built-in safety features, such as over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection, to help prevent damage to the device being powered. Overall, KidsRobot 9V 1A power adapter is a useful and convenient tool for providing power to a wide range of small electronic devices. Designed for Arduino UNO R3 MEGA 2560 Due Leonardo, and Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Bike A10 A15 A20 A25 A40 101 102 103 430 420 220 230 240 etc.

Output Type: DC
Connection: Plug In
Output: 9V 1A
Input: 100-240v 50-60hz
Certification: SAA FCC UL Listed
Color: White


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